V6.87 Label Problem


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We were looking at the disabled label contol with V6.86. With V6.87, if the label is set as disabled in the form designer - the status is ignored until set disabled during runtime.

When disabled; the 'greying' is very different from other controls. This may be observed when you look closely at the text of the other controls - there is a one pixel white shadow to the text. This is what it used to be like for labels back in the days of V6.50. I don't mean to labour this point, but on some of my desktop forms I disable groups of controls and text (labels) depending on certain conditions and its looking wrong. :( Is this the trade-off for having the ability for labels with a transparent background?

- new keyword: FileFlush - flushes the file stream and writes the cached data to the file.
Thank You. :)