Video or Picture with Alpha over live camera?


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Hi, this I know is quite a tall quwstion coming from someone who does not know more than 2% of what programming is. I'm more of a creative type rather than a programmer. (but i try to get by, with using easy visual kind of authoring software where possible)

Anyway, getting back on subject, my question is, is there a way start the ccd camera, and have an animation or image displayed over the live video.
i knwo the basics would involve an alpha mask for images/animations.

What about Video? im sure there is no codec for mobile phones that would allow for alpha masking?

I tried researching for Flashlite for mobiles, but then Adobes' page itself said theres no support for the camera

I downloaded Visual Studio 8 trial. But thats kinda greek to me for somethin this tough. I did the simple examples just fine.

Anyone have the knowledge to do this?

Some Ideas I could think of is

1) Using Chromakey concept, if alpha mask is not available for video. ie. a routine would have to be written to evaluate a single color say "green" and the show the live camera signal only where there was green in the overlayed video?

if at all video overlaying over live ccd is possible!

Thanks and Regards all!