Android Question vpn ba4 ?



Hello friends Is there a way to build a vpn in b4a?

Albert Kallal

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I kind of doubt it (but there are some amazing people here with a gift for suffering things out the hard way.).

I tend to think that grabbing a VPN app is the way to go. it can depend on the particular VPN. So for example, I use ForteClient. Once it it spooled up then any and all applications on my phone will see that network.
Of course I don't know what hardware device or setup they are using on the other end here.

Often a vendor will provide say some "box" or system, and then provide a client such as ForteClient does. So there vendors often setup their own systems - and I not 100% sure if there is a VPN standard that would work with any and all VPN's. So there is "variety" here - and I don't think that all VPN's are the same or set to one given standard.

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