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    At the minute (not what I am aware of) there isn't a easy way to design the UI for watches.

    Using the B4A-Bridge and viewing the UI on our smartphones is a really powerful tool and saves a lot of time in development.

    It would be good to be able to design layouts for watches in the designer and view it in real-time on the watch rather than the SmartPhone screen.

    Rather than seeing the GUI on our SmartPhone maybe have a checkbox in the B4A-Bridge (or even in the IDE) that when it's ticked push the GUI to the watch rather than displaying it on the SmartPhone.

    This would require a B4A-Wear-Bridge to be installed on the Watch. Maybe the current B4A-Bridge can relay the designer UI to the watch using Bluetooth to view the UI on the watch.

    Having this feature would be a very powerful tool for B4A and would help develop more things for Android Wear.