Android Question WEAR OS HEARTBEAT


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I have a Huawei watch 2 with wear os 2.
I would like to retrieve heartbeat data.

Sub AddSensor(SensorType As Int, Name As String) ' As SensorData
Dim sd As SensorData
sd.Name = Name
sd.ThreeValues = False 'True 'ThreeValues
SensorsMap.Put(PS, sd)
Log(Name & " MaxValue = " & PS.MaxValue)
' ps.StartListening("Sensor")
If PS.StartListening("Sensor") = False Then
Log(sd.Name & " is not supported.")
End If
End Sub

With heart rate sensor (SensorType 21) is ok.
If I try to ask heartbeat data (SensorType 31) the log is "Heartbeat is not supported.".
I'm using jar Android 30.
Google Reference
Has anyone been able to read the heartbeat sensor ?
Thank you.