Share My Creation Web App Loader

Develope Android applications with HTML,CSS and JavaScript. Access native phone functions like accelerometer,vibrate,phone width... etc.

Easy develop games,web applications...etc with JavaScript and HTML5!

Share your apps with friends for FREE!!!
You don't need a Android Developer Account to share web apps!

1.Create application with html,css and javascript
2.Save the web application as index.html in new folder
3.Copy the applications folder in the web_app_loader folder located on the phone SD card
4.Run Web App Loader an your application is displayed in the list,click on it to load.

What do you think? :):):)

P.S. Special thanks to warwound for his JSInterface library :sign0188:

Web App Loader

Web App Loader Test File


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I tested it for the last few months and I could not believe how flexible it is. I thought you could only create some very simple web apps but it's actually way more than that. Also the sharing function works great for web app entwicklung.
I can highly recommend this for noobs.
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Hi ZeroSoft.

Have you updated Web App Loader from JSInterface to my newer WebViewExtras library?

If a web app wants to update the activty UI then you'll need WebViewExtras as JSInterface did not properly handle such updates.



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Not there yet...

I know that there's been quite a hype around web app development recently. From my perspective the whole topic is overrated. Truth be told, a web app is nice for displaying information. As soon as you want to have some functionality in there you have to start using native source code again...