Web browser bug on DEVICE only


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Well, that didn't take long! See chat post.

I had a working program. To make it publishable I added Help and About menu items. The help uses AGraham's (hi mate) Web Browser to read a simple html help.

This works perfectly on the desktop IDE. When I compile, use Setup Builder and install and run on the device, the menu Help click crashes. See lines 216 to 224.

I've included the project directory, a snip of the directory on the device and the error on the device.

Clearly something is missing, but I can't see what. The program used to be freestanding and created an ini file. Now there are 3 new files, the browser dll and the 2 help files in html. They are all there, so what on earth is missing? Or maybe file:/// works differently on the device?


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Yes I know, it was already installed. Just to be safe I reinstalled it. Same difference. Bloody useless, well done MS.

I had a nap, I get fuzzy and sleepy all too easily. Now I'm awake again it occurs to me my last comment is probably the one, I think there is one too many /s for the dev. I'll give it a try.