Android Question What are formularies best practices?


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Well, I'm looking for this in the forum with no success.

My question is to know what is the best practice to build a form with a header-detail structure. I come from Windows (specifically from Delphi) and in there we have grids and the clientdataset. Here doesn't exist, so I'm bit lost.

I made many basic tutorials, but in none gave this info. All I have found is saving records from a simple table, with no relationship with others.

I don't know what's the best, no only to build, also to the final user:
1 - two activities with two different forms (one for head and one for detail)?
2 - make a form to introduce new records, or use the same form for all, saving changes when the user change, or edit something?
3 - save a record when a data change (for examples when a record lost focus)?

Don't know. Many questions, and many doubts, and no answer...
So tell me, what are best practices for this? Or what are most used in Android community?



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Lots of Android apps which utilize more complex database schema use ORM (object/relational mapping) libraries such as GreenDAO, B4A doesn't have anything like that so I have written my own classes to simulate what you call a clientdataset because Android SQLite cursors are read only.

As for grids there are quite a few libraries for grids available. IMO the best one is UltimateListView. As for how to present the header / detail I think it really depends on the target audience for the app and the target devices. On smaller sized devices (phones) I tend to use two views. In portrait mode it shows the header and in landscape mode it shows a grid with the detail. I have also used sliding panels. As for adding/editing records to the detail I give the user the option of either using a new view or in grid editing; especially if they have a bluetooth keyboard attached.

No idea if this is best practice or not (probably not) but that's how I do things.
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