What are you looking forward too the most

What are you looking forward too the most

  • Android L

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Nexus 6

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Nexus 9

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Neither

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Peter Simpson

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Well it's that time of years again when Google realeses new hardware and software.

I personally I'm looking forward to the final release of Android L. Last year I purchased both the N5 and N7 on release. The previous year I ordered the N7 on release. The year before I ordered the G-Nex on release. But this year I can't seem to get myself interested in purchasing the N6 and N9 as I have a feeling that they will be just too big for my personal taste. Well the N9 will be for sure, I will have to hold the N6 in my hand before deciding, but I can't see me buying and N6. I'm more than happy with my N5 and N7 devices. They both feel nice to use either for work or play, and are both as quick as anything. I don't get any glitches with them slowing down on touch response or stuttering when working hard, and both the screens are extremely nice to look at for hours on end.

After installing Android L for developers on one of my N5's, I must say that I like it a lot. Just the whole material design ethos for cleaner nicer looking apps with some nice transition effects etc is a pleasure to use.

Well obviously I will be voting for Android L, what will your vote be for?

Jim Brown

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I have a Nexus 5 too. Having got rather tired of the Samsung range I wanted a pure Nexus phone.
The phone is actually very impressive. The first thing you notice is the incredible light weight feel.
While I was a little anxious about reports of the the battery being weak I find I can get about 1 1/2 days out of the phone by following the battery saving tweaks on YouTube.

Anyhow, I too am looking forward to L. I don't really need another phone/phablet/tablet for some time yet.


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I look forward to not having to buy another phone. My S4 is doing just fine and I refuse to play the "get the latest thing" game. :) If lolipop is so different that I have to buy a new device, that will cause me to rethink android development I think.

--- Jem