What happens to my Facebook account if I die?


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Goodmorning everyone,

I state that I don't use any social networks, but I found this article curious that explains that currently there are over 30 million profiles of people dead on FaceBook and in the future they could overcome the living. So you can call yourself DeadBook.

In a FaceBook page this question is answered: What happens to my FaceBook profile if I die?

I find it singular that facebook cares about this and replies that it can be called an heir or if you know in advance that you have to die ( :eek: ) you can close the profile or turn it into a commemorative profile.

But the question I asked myself: Thinking about the eventuality of a departure, because the person would have to worry about an internet profile and that would give their virtual life and instead should no longer be anxious about their real life and/or above all loved ones. Perhaps, after being dead, it is no longer important how many I LIKE we receive on the profile?

P.S. Probably here too there are profiles of developers who unfortunately are no longer there and maybe have left a contribution with sources and libraries that maybe we still use


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I 'like' the idea that they keep a profile or make one for condolance reasons as not everyone gets notified about it just like with the old paper method.
For the family it may be supportive to read these comments on the other hand giving a false picture of the amount of friends they had.
We all know those who send out friend requests just to have their counters increasing and then you never hear them again
and they are probably the first to put comments at that point as they are using facebook all the time anyway.

Sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday I do a walk to the graveyard and even when you look around at graves from more than a decade ago you sometimes
spot some people that you were not aware of that they died.

But just like the old paper way the naming is the problem. If they don't put a photo on the letter you can not always put the link with the face that you know but not the actual name. So you won't look for that person on facebook if you don't know his name.
Facebook can be a help here if they have/had a profile with some pictures on it to check if he/she looks familiar.

If that page has to be there forever is another question. (it's only good for their 'active users' counter they always brag about and is totally overrated)
Some of their page types (apps for example) have triggers that if you don't update/post something that it goes offline after a few months unless you republish it again.