What would you do if you've got the next "big thing"


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I'm very curious, I think most of us that made an app were thinking that it's aweseome and people all over the world will love it and it's the special thing everybody was waiting on and everybody is needing.

At the end, it's downloaded a hundred times and that it was :D

But what would you do, if you are damn sure you've got the next big app, would you search for an investor, would you take a credit or would ask your friends and family for money for advertisement? Or won't you do any advertisment and try to flood all social media with your app?
Will you made the app alone or will you ask friends or will pay somebody to do it, because you know you can't do everything as good as you want it?

How much money would you invest to make sure you're app will be recognized?

What do you think can the next big thing be? Social media? A game? Or something completely new?

I'm looking forward to some nice comments, i'd love do discuss this :)


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First, I would ask myself what's the difference between this time and the last time I was totally sure that it was the next "big thing".:). And be honest to myself on what failed

I would invest as much as possible in marketing and design.
If the amount to invest was 3x or 4x the amount I could afford, I would try to find working partners.

I have some "next big thing" projects just waiting for time to do them (or the convincement that they are really so good)


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if you are damn sure you've got the next big app
That's only a princess from a far far away kingdom .... the dream of an indie developer ...or a the big fish of a fisherman

I've seen app with more than 100 000 installs that had no design what so ever .

Try to figure out what is in the head of a KING player ....what drives them toghether to this incredible dimond colection .....you may find the key of catching the big fish
just be sure you won't spend your entire life


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I never had that "next big thing" thingy... up until a month ago.
I do have a very good idea to an app but am also aware that I may lack the codding skils to make it happen an that it requires some investiment, both time and money wise... Still I continue gathering info, putting ideas into paper etc...


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I recently tested an app that was part of a program with a lot of designers and people of the project .
The app design and functionality is wy worst nightmare and I could not imagine how the hell did the made this app so bad.
Thousands of dolars spend on services that we could easyly made over a weekend and on a pint of bear.