What's your development process?


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A general (out of curiosity) question: Let's say that you have an idea for an app. You know specifically what you want it to do and how you want it to look. Basically, all the "up-front" work is done. How do you go about creating it?

My answer:
I will usually do all the screen layouts first and work through the flow of how each screen will feed into the next. After that, I'll get to the underlying logic.

Jim Brown

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My approach is pretty much the same. I tend to plan out 'pages' which are sets of panels containing view layouts. Then I set about getting the navigation buttons to move between panels. This is really like jumping to page number x in the book.
My preferred method is to hide and show panels since they offer a fast way of switching between layouts.

Dim Const PANEL_MAIN As Int = 1
Dim Const PANEL_SETTINGS As Int =2
Sub Main_GotoSettings_Click
End Sub

Sub Settings_GotoMain_Click
End Sub
Once the basic navigating around is in place I can happily go about filling in the rest of the puzzle.


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I do design the whole process and put it for some days. Then, I design the UML. After that I think to the variables and their visibility.
Sometimes, I do some unity tests. After that I write the description including the variables used
And only after that, I start the project.
Then I complete the documentation. I do have a documentation for each of my codes. This documentation includes the relation between each subs.
And then I do the testing on the whole project.


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The frontal assault. Attack attack attack... I will figure out the details later.

Peter Simpson

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I usually know the basics of what I want to do beforehand, so I usually start on the designer, then I take things from there.

I will admit it though, lately I've been designing with it the need for the designer, but that just for basic apps.

Thought process > Designer > Code > Test...


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Since I mainly make simple games
I focus on graphics first. I'll generaly put together most of the images and creating animation frames.

I then jump into coding small steps at a time begining with the controls and user interaction with the game
The mechanics and logic of the game is next which takes the longest
Sound is next
The interface and user menus are usually one of the final things I work on unless they are directly necessary for the game logic
The very last is adding ads