Who can transfer an Android app to iPhone?


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Edit: Thanks for the offers. A contractor was found.

It is intended to make an Android app (already published in the Google Playstore) also be available for iPhones via the App Store.

We are looking for an experienced partner who has enough experience to cover the following points:
1. Know the special features of B4X and XUI
2. Integration of Firebase Crashlytics and -Analytics
3. Handling of CustomListView
4. Basic SQLite functions
5. Confident handling of classes and maps
6. Use of the Localizator
7. Use of webviews
8. Use of TouchImageViews
9. Use of a TabStripView
10. Dealing with permissions
11. Multilingual listing in the App Store
12. Setting up and testing subscriptions to InApp products
13. Timely reaction for troubleshooting or modification of function points
14. Professional cooperation in English or German​

The existing Android app was written almost entirely (90%) in B4X to make the transfer as easy as possible.
As an up-and-coming start-up, we would like to offer a continuous profit share on the subscriptions sold in the Apple App Store as compensation for the work done.

If there is serious interest, further details could be clarified in a private conversation.
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