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Hi Guys
I'm not new to B4A, but NEVER have done what I try to do now.
I receive a 903W wifi AV Transmitter from a client, who want a custom program to view the video received from the Wifi AV Transmitter
I have no document accept a simple user manual about this transmittor only give a QR code for their own software and the wiring. No further technical detail.

I have no clue where to start with this, or how to access the video from the Wifi Transmittor
Is there a standard to connect to all these transmitters?

Please point me in the right direction



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I receive a 903W wifi AV Transmitter ... their own software
This page here:

suggests that there is an Android app already available - is this what you mean when you refer to "their own software"? (assuming "their" refers to the manufacturer, rather than your customer). If an app is already available, perhaps look at using that first.

It also indicates that the wireless networking is fairly standard, and that the video encoding is H264.

This page here:

starts on a bit of a downer, mentioning a proprietary protocol, but gets better and better after that.
It receives AV signal on input, encodes video and broadcasts it into Wi-Fi network using a proprietary protocol.

WIFI AVIN 903W protocol uses UDP on the transport layer and H264 standard for video compression.

This repository contains sample application that demonstrates work with WIFI AVIN 903W proprietary protocol.
I did a search for UDP using B4X, first hit was this:

which is seven years old and in the wrong direction, but Hamo does say:
I got it working, sending a UDP broadcast message to all 6 tablets.
which sounds like it is possible to receive UDP packets in Android using B4A, so... you're on the home stretch already, what could possibly go wrong now?



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The Android app seems to be: WIFIAV

This guy has a good video on getting the transmitter going:

DIY Inexpensive Digital Wireless RV Backup camera- Review EC170 and 903W TrA

He used an iPad, and towards the end of the video said he'd heard that the Android equivalent app had some issues.

This video has links in the comments to the same app:

DIY Cheap 903W Wifi Transmitter for Car Rearview/Backup Camera

This could be the original manufacturer of the transmitter:


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emexesou thanks for the reply
Thanks for the replay>
Yes, I got everything working with the WifiAV APP, but my customer want a Custom APP for his purposes, but using the video steaming/wifi AV from the 903W
So I need to be able to get it going in b4A somehow