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    Hi all, This was quite rare and I am surprised that right out-of-the-box the dll worked with Basic4ppc. It allows your program to speak text this time using the Window-Eyes API. It is another screen reader, a competitor of JAWS used also by thousands of blind people around the world! For more information about Window-eyes, check out Welcome to GW Micro.
    Just like JAWS, in order to use this API Window-eyes must be installed on your system. The library is as easy-to-use as creating an object of type SpeakClass, calling objectname.new1, and using objectname.SpeakString() to output the text. Like I said, this library has no modifications and works as is with Basic4ppc. I believe it requires .NET 2.0. GWMicro doesn't give the source code so no .cs file is available. HTH.

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