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I am looking for a point in the right direction. I want to make a widget that will have multiple instances on a phone. Could be on the same screen or many different screens. When the widget is pressed I want 4 or more buttons/graphics to pop up so that a user can make a selection. Think of it as a contact short cut widget. Widget is placed on the screen, Adam. User presses Adam and 4 more buttons pop up 1 - email, 2 - sms, 3 - house phone, 4 - cell phone. Based on what the user selects the associated action will be spawned.

My issue...I am not familiar with Android system and I am looking for a tuturoial/informaiton on how AndroidOS handles this type of windowing. I know it is possible because I have seen it done in many applications. I am not sure how to do it via B4A. Please understand I am not looking for code, unless that is easier for you. I have programmed in the Windows and DOS world for years. I understand how those systems process events, threads, pipes, windows, etc.
I am looking to understand how AndroidOS handles these things.*

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