[Wish] B4X-centric Fuzzer project


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I put [Wish] in the thread title but didn't post it to any of the tools' Wish Forums because this is more of a wish from the community (and, really, just a reminder for myself to do it someday) instead of from Anywhere Software itself.

I'm quickly coming to the final testing stage on a B4X project that'll take about 2 - 3 months to complete. This and some other recent events have reminded me that I'd like to see a fuzzer made specifically for the B4X tools. I've ported over some of my own fuzzing tools from other languages/dev environments that I've used for many years but they aren't nearly as complete as I'd like and certainly not B4X-centric. Not that fuzzing tools need to be language-centric but I think it can help with any optimization tests run over the development builds.

If you don't know what a fuzzer / fuzzing is: It's just an automated testing of software to find vulnerabilities and errors. A web search will give details.