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    OK - I see what you mean. What I can do, is to implement a "quick fix" that will permit you to obtain the word that the spellchecking-engine didn't find in the dictionary although I believe at this point I'm better off implementing the highlighting through selection. Give me a day or two and I will post an updated version of the library.

    As to adding words to the base-dictionary, this will be possible soon by a small desktop-utility I am writing. However, in a future release of the library, you will be able to add a "user-dictionary" where you can add words that you would like to be considered "as correct" by the library although they are not present (or not correct) in the base-dictionary. This could be useful for words that are spellt (or spelled) differently in British-, American- and Australian-English.

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    I have finally found some time, especially peace and tranquility, to move on with this library.

    I just wondered if someone could help me to test out the new library and its support for non-English languages. I have prepared dictionaries for the following languages:

    Swedish (works - tested by me)

    What regards the Spanish dictionary, it has a limitation due to its size, namely that on the device it can be run only using NearMiss-mode while on the desktop it can be used in full-mode (Soundex or DoubleMetaPhone). The other dictionaries work in full mode both on the device and the desktop.

    So, I am looking for beta-testers who can test a sample-application (both on the desktop and the device) and to verify if the results (suggestions) produced by the spellchecking-engine are correct/reasonable. I guess I need beta-testers whose mother tongue is, (or at least having a very good knowledge of), German, French or/and Spanish. I will finish the sample-application during this weekend.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested.

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