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Another game. I tried a game that challeges your hand/eye coordination. You have to click on letters to spell a word. The letters are rapidly changing and its not so easy to click a letter before it changes.

Maybe you are faster than I am.

Resolution=160 orientation=portrait



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Hello bazp,

You are fast with making games :D.
This one is very nice as well and really a good practice for my coordination; it runs fine on my HTC Legend.

About the graphics: I would make the buttons a bit larger and place the word to type and the letters typed on top (with larger font).

Thank you for sharing the code and I'm looking forward to see your next creation.

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nice one...

you can make an external txt or sql file for the searching words.


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Button size

I have been only using the emulator. I have no way of judging the size of objects on a real phone. I will be purchasing an Android phone soon and that should help things.

Your suggestions are really helpful. Thanks


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Yeeh Bazp :)

I really wonder which apps come out of your creative brain when you have an android device.
About the buttons, just to be sure: I mean the 3 buttons on the right down side, the letter-buttons are fine on a "real" device.