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    In order for those not so fluid in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to enjoy Erel's magnificent HTTPServer library,
    here is a further developed example. The major additions being:

    1. HTML5 coded templates
    2. Embeds Base64 encoded icons in CSS
    3. Prompts a confirmation before deleting a file
    4. Deletes empty directories
    5. Makes directories
    6. Checks whether a file to upload was selected.
    7. Adds further 'ContentTypes'
    8. User can change ports
    9. Enabling/disabling buttons as appropriate
    10. Wait for connection when started offline

    Access to 'Local Network' is not realized as yet. This would require the smb:// protocol.
    Note that you cannot manipulate files in external cards with Android 4.4x devices.

    This is certainly not a complete application and leaves much room for enhancement.
    Anyway, have fun!

    Be sure to download the HTTP Server library:

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  2. IslamQabel

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    I already do something like this and make buttons for remote control....using /get method.... but the problem with me now that when pressing on a button, a new page is loaded ....all i want is pressing on a button do the effect(this is happened) but without going to a new page or open a new page....
    I will check your example....may be answer my questions.....thanks for your effort
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