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Rajesh kannan MJ

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Currently I display flags at the size of 550px width. I have coded to display the images to the maximum of 550px width only, so it does not look like distorted when viewed in large screen.

At the same time, when the screen size is lesser than 550, it will automatically fit that screen 100% width and compatible height,

Do you have any suggestion for larger screens?

Moreover, The app is already 5MB, But If i add larger flags, the size may increase to 15MB,

Roger Daley

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I thought file size might be the limit, you are probably stuck with that limitation.
If the APP does what you intended I wouldn't worry. Someone will always ask for more.:)

Regards Roger

Rajesh kannan MJ

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I use PNG files. The images are all 550px width and height is according to that.

Actually, I display the images at 550px width when the image fits,

Can you please check my app in your tablet and see how it looks?

Thank you,

Rajesh kannan MJ

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Hi Peter Simpson, Glad to know you have also developed such one.

I think I am missing something on my end to market the app. The app needs some marketing.

The downloads are very few so far,