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I have been playing with HTTP Utils and thought i would upload what i have done, the code is VERY messy as i have been making it up as i go along without a great deal of thought put into streamlining and making it neater, i will have a look at that later.

if anyone has any WoW characters (i know i am sad), you should be able to look at the character info, i am currently updating so you can click on an equiped item and it will give you all the stats (but it isn't implemented yet).

One thing i have realised since i stared playing with quereying the blizzard server is that there is alot of information and i think the code would be easier with Types/Maps to contain the information (something for the future).

To load a character just select your country (US, EU, China, Korea, Taiwan), and then the server your character is on, then type in the name of your character and click the 'Get Character Data', this will then load the information into the Character Info page (slide the page left to see this). If you click the Save Character File button it will save that character in the list below so you dont have to type it in each time you re-use the app, and you can have mutliple characters saved here. if you click the listview it will automaticall get the selected character data and populate the Character info' page. If you long click the character it will ask you if you want to delete the character from the list. (the list will be empty on first install).

If you dont have any WoW character (and you basically have a life), you can click the 'Auto Populate' button, this will set the country, realm and character name to one of my characters at random, then just click the 'Get Character Data' button

The 'Load Character File' button is to load a saved character text file (i have included some in the Files directory, these files end with the extension .JSON as this is how they are formatted. I will update later the File Management page to make this more user friendly.

Not a lot more to say about it i have had some fun and frustration with it, but hopefully some will like it.

Once i have it all working i will look at making the code easier and less repetitive.




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one other thing, i couldn't get a sliding panel on a sliding panel to work with gesters, so the character info page has a listview with the character stats, the arrows at the bottom of the list view scroll left and right.