Wrap Android Library, Heart Rate Measurement


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I don´t think you´ll get much success with such a library.

If you really need to monitor your haertrate then i suggest to buy a professional capturingunit.
I already tried such libraries / apps which do it. I compared the results with the results from my Fitbit wristband (which is able to measure my pulse too.

The values from Fitbit are much more acurate than any app i tested which uses the flash to try to measure it.

The Fitbit does not give the values back to b4a though.

But i´m positive that there exist any professional unit with an SDK. But probably expensive.


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DonManfred, thanks for the reply; I need to use the phone's camera and flash as it's for emergency use; where other equipment is likely, not available. It is for indication purposes only.

Johan Schoeman

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For whoever wants to use this.....;) 100% embedded in B4A

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