Write Android Accessibility Service for auto login


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We would like to develop PoC(Proof of Concept) Application on Android to automatically login to other Android Apps and websites. Typically it is done using Android Accessibility service. You can check similar functionality on LastPass App on google play. Selected developer must be experienced Android developer and is able to quickly build this PoC app/service.

Please download and explore LastPass app to get the concept however we don't want to build replica of this app. It is just give you some idea.

B4A has Accessibility Library but it does not expose all the features. It need not be in B4A, this application has other complex functionality so most likely it will be developed in Java so this library also needs to be in Java. If required, we can ask for B4A wrapper if we can manage other functionality in B4A and customer agrees to use B4A.

Please let me know time and tentative cost of doing it.

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