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Hi all,
I am a complete beginner at this programming lark (and I mean never ever done any programming, other than making my name appear on the screen with a ZX Spectrum).
I'm a teacher and I'm trying to design a revision app for my students that works a bit like flashcards.
I want a program that will pick questions at a random order, but here's the tricky bit, I don't want questions to repeat themselves until it's gone through all the questions in my list.
I know there are apps out there that can do this already but I'm also trying to teach myself how to write code and thought this would be a good project for me to start on.
Even with the beginners guide I'm struggling to work out how all this stuff works. I think a lot of the advice seems to assume that people have some experience with programming or coding (I don't even know which term to use!).
So any advice general or otherwise would be gratefully accepted.
Many thanks,
Big Craig


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Welcome to B4A.

My suggestion would be start small and with the basics, the app you want to develop is not really difficult but, since you have no previous experience it will be hard to understand certain things and you will get frustrated very quickly.

The beginner's guide and this forum are great tools and source of information, but, you need some time to digest all that and learn, you are a teacher, so, you know what I mean.
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