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  1. IanMc

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    With all due respect

    Xamarin and Xamarin Forms

    sucks donkey balls

    no offense
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    Lucky monkeys ;)
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    Agreed. The same can also be said about Xojo. *shudders*

    After paying $300 for a Desktop license (over a year ago), they've done nothing of value except add in 64-bit support which was being "worked on" since circa 2011. Mind you, they implemented this after my license expired. Xojo's iOS support is also a joke; nothing added since release (December 2014) besides a freaking DatePicker control. Don't get me started on their "forum". The longest running thread is a *drum roll please* Pet Peeve thread.

    In other words: I'm a Xojo refugee extremely happy here.

    B4X 4 Life :)

    Edit 8/5/15: Did I just kill this thread?
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