Android Question YouTube Example Doesn't Seem to Work

Randy Younger

Licensed User
I have followed the instructions for the YouTube library example very carefully. I have obtained an API Key from from the Google Developers console, and added YouTube Data API v3 API to my app in the console. I have downloaded the .jar and .xml and added them to libraries, and I have added the YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi.jar to my additional libraries folder.

When I initialize as follows:

If YouTube.CheckPlayerSupported <> "SUCCESS" Then
Msgbox("YouTube service not available: " & CRLF & YouTube.CheckPlayerSupported, "")
Activity.AddMenuItem3("Play Video", "PlayVideo", Null, True)
End If

I get success, but when I try to play a know video with the key I received from the Google Dev console, I get the following response:


Any thoughts?