Designer4android - The smart way to build great and flexible user interfaces!

Designer4android is a tool for Java developers that significantly simplifies the development of Android user interfaces.
Designer4android makes it easy to target phones and tablets with different sizes and scales, without writing any
tedious XML files.

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Designer4android components:

Properties grid - Set the views properties with a properties grid, similar to Microsoft Visual Studio designer.
A single layout is made of multiple "variants". This allows you to easily target multiple screen sizes and scales.
The best matching variant is applied at runtime.

WYSIWYG designer - The layout is displayed and managed on a connected device or emulator for a true look and feel.

Designer scripts - Create flexible user interfaces by adding simple script code to the layout.
You can immediately see the script results in the WYSIWYG designer or abstract designer.
The script syntax is optimized for handling the user interface.
The script is compiled to Java code and is also applied at runtime.

Abstract designer - The abstract designer allows you to quickly test and manage the layout (and script) on different screen sizes and scales.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the output of Designer4android?

A: The layout file is stored in a binary file with bal extension. This file should be located in the project assets folder.
The scripts are compiled to Java classes which should be added to the project source files.

Q: Can I combine the layout file with existing layouts declared in XML?

A: Yes, Designer4android.loadLayout returns a ViewGroup. Instead of setting it as the Activity content you can add it to other ViewGroups such as FrameLayout or LinearLayout.

Q: Is this tool for Basic4android developers?

A: No, this tool is for Java developers. It is similar to the visual designer already available in Basic4android.

Q: What are the trial version limitations?

A: The trial version is limited to 30 days and is also limited to layouts with up to 10 views (controls).
The trial version should only be used for evaluation purposes.

Q: Where should I store the layout file?

A: It is recommended to store the layout file in the project's assets folder. The generated source code will be created under ..\src\<package name>.

Q: How many licenses do we need?

A: Each developer that uses Designer4android requires a single license. Please contact us if you are interested in more than 5 licenses.

Q: What is the upgrades policy?

A: You will receive one year of free upgrades.

Have a question? Please feel free to ask in the forum or contact us.