1. M

    iOS Question Connect to BLE devices providing PIN programmatically

    Hi everyone, someone of you knows if it's possible to connect to a BLE Devices that needs the PIN, and give it by code, instead of let the user insert it through a dialog? Thanks in advance
  2. M

    Android Question Access the internal Download folder

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to download a file from a server, and I want to save it in the "Download" folder of the phone (not on an external SD or USB) what is the right way to do it? (I already know how to download... i need to specify only the path) I tried with...
  3. M

    iOS Question Access Network Dialog iOS - Wait for answer

    Hi everyone, today I experienced an issue. My app makes some checks online when it starts. But the first time a dialog is prompted asking to the user to allow the app to go on internet. the dialog is not blocking! so my program will still going in the background, failing the checks because it...
  4. Ö

    Android Question Accessing objects from different modules

    I am using Map (MainMap) on each line for CustomListView1 within the THSLT module. But I need to access CustomListView1 and Map (MainMap) content from the other module (ODM). As I read and understand in the forum, there is no direct access to the object. I hope the following example shows my...
  5. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANano]: Distributing and accessing an existing SQLite Databases - Part 1

    Ola Part 2 UPDATE: BANanoSQLite now available for actual sqlite db CRUD using PHP I've been wondering if I could be able to do this as I want to distribute my app with an already existing SQLite.DB database for READONLY access. No, this is not WebSQL but a pure SQLite database. At first I...
  6. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Removing "Don't ask again" option from access dialogue box

    Hi Everyone, I'm using this line to make sure the user has permission to get the devices location when the user first installs the app. Starter.rp.CheckAndRequest(Starter.rp.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) It calls a dialogue box asking for access to the devices location. If the...
  7. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Is it possible to verify authorization status?

    Let's say one requests, and is granted, access to Location: #PlistExtra:<key>NSLocationUsageDescription</key><string>Text goes here</string> For Location, I can see that we have the event AuthorizationStatusChanged to use to check the status, which is great, because I can use that to...