1. b4x-de

    Android Question Accessibility: How to use setLabelFor() in B4A?

    I need to add accessibility features to my apps due to regulation in EU. Therefore I would like to link a Label to the related element, i.e. a text field using this Android feature: Any help is appreciated! By the way...
  2. Dave O

    Android Code Snippet "high-contrast text" system setting - work-around for colored text (or font icons)

    Android 5+ has an accessibility system setting called "high-contrast fonts", which lets the user force text (or icons rendered using fonts like Material or FontAwesome) to be outlined black or white (instead of the color you set). If you use colored text (or text-based icons) to indicate...
  3. Dave O

    Android Question [solved] Android system setting for high-contrast fonts - how to detect?

    Can I detect if a device has the "High-contrast fonts" system setting enabled? Background: Some of my users reported that icons were not working correctly in my app, and I eventually discovered that they had turned on the Android "High-contrast fonts" accessibility setting. That feature changes...
  4. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question How to select an option in an AlertDialog with intent

    Hello everyone, lately when I want to share a file I get an alertdialog 'want to share with...' with two options, 'Cancel' and 'Ok', in some cases I require 'Cancel' and in others 'Ok', I don't want the user to choose it, therefore I want to handle it with an intent, I have tried several...
  5. rleiman

    Android Question Using Accessibility library to detect if the user has it turned on

    Greetings, I would like to know how to test when the screen reader or the accessibilities service is turned on so I can use TTS when the user has it on. The auto complete dropdown does not have a "Get" to find out if it's on or off. The closest I found was SetContentDescription which is close...
  6. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Some views are not working with the screen reader turned on

    Greetings everyone, I noticed that the following views do not recognise screen taps and dragging to scroll when the accessibility screen reader is turned on. I testing it with a Galaxy S9 running Android version 10. B4XSeekBar CustomListView These work ok only if the screen reader is turned...
  7. Jack Cole

    Wish Accessibility Options in Designer

    In b4a, we have the accessibility library available. This works to use the setContentDescription that can be read by screen readers. This is cumbersome, and it would be nice to add more options directly to the designer. This is becoming more important with people threatening and bringing...
  8. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Clear all temporary files of all apps

    Hello, i was looking in the forum, but i did not find anything working about it, is there a way to clear all temporary files of all apps?
  9. Scotter

    Bug? Bug in Accessibility Library; mis-spelling

    Using the Accessibility library, when creating the accessibility object, the only way it works is to spell it "accessiblity" <-- notice the missing "i".
  10. Scotter

    Android Question Google dinged my app for accessibility

    Hi - I've published my first app on the Google Play Store; Play to Evolve (a card game). Well... it seems to be semi-published. Like I can't find it searching the store but I do have a link given to me by Google in the Developer Panel. One issue is that they haven't approved my "identity" and...
  11. I

    Android Question How to programatically click button on another app?

    I am trying to build an app that can click a particular button on another app. This is possible from Android 4.3+ using findAccessibilityNodeInfosByViewId which is part of Accessibility service. For example there is a very popular app called Greenify on Play Store that prevents other apps from...