Android Question Using Accessibility library to detect if the user has it turned on


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I would like to know how to test when the screen reader or the accessibilities service is turned on so I can use TTS when the user has it on. The auto complete dropdown does not have a "Get" to find out if it's on or off. The closest I found was SetContentDescription which is close but doesn't let me know if it's on or off.

Here's the closest I got. It activates the screen reader to read these words only if the user touches the view. I'm trying to find out if is on so I can control when the speech tells the user about the view that was accessed without them touching it.

    ' Make panel slide up on from the bottom of the screen.
    pnlWhiteMoreOptionsDialog.SetLayoutAnimated(300, 0, Activity.Height * .45, _
        Activity.Width, Activity.Height)  

    acs.SetContentDescription(pnlWhiteMoreOptionsDialog, "You have now entered the more " & _
    "    options panel. This panel has buttons " & _
        "to choose from visiting the VIFM facebook page Or the VIFM " & _
        "instagram page. You will also be able to send an email directly to VIFM using " & _
        "your email.")

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