1. R

    Android Question Share Controls between Activities

    Regards. I am a newbie in B4A and I have a question in which, I hope, you can help me. In the Main Activity I have a sub (MySQL_Query) that connects to MySQL and obviously this is also the JobDone sub. In the JobDone sub, fill a ListView (ListViewProfile). It's okay. In another activity I...
  2. R

    Spanish Cuándo se ejecuta el JobDone? Se pueden llamar controles desde otros Activities?

    Cordial saludo. Soy novato en B4A y tengo unas inquietudes en las que, espero, me puedan ayudar. En el Activity Main tengo una sub (ConsultaMySQL) que hace la conexión a MySQL y ahí mismo está la sub JobDone. Aquí surge mi primera inquietud: Cuándo se ejecuta JobDone? Ejemplo: Sub mensaje...
  3. FierceBlaze

    Android Question Please Clarify This? A Background Activity with a MediaPlayer Stream!

    I just returned to B4A to recreate an app that I was only able to build in B4A before. But this Background/Foreground Activity vs Android 8+ issue has me nuts on this forum... I can't seem to get a straight answer. Can someone please lay this to rest for me? I just need to play a mediaplayer or...
  4. Multiverse app

    Wish Android Studio like Activity Chooser

    Suggestion to add some default templates like Android Studio, in which developers can choose the desired Activities. Users can customize the designs from there on from the manifest. After choosing a template, appropriate libraries will automatically be added and an entry in the Manifest will...
  5. K

    Android Question Grdient to All Activity

    I want to set all activity same gradient. Is it possible?How?
  6. Paulo Rosa

    Android Question App activity vs widget activity

    Hi, My app has a main activity and also a widget. Currently, I'm using two activities, one is for the app's main "screen" and the other is for the widget. This scheme is hard to work with, since B4A is not able to debug into widgets, and I need to have the same appearance and the same logic on...
  7. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Calling an activity by tapping on a widget

    Hi Everyone, Can you tell me what coding I need to add to the widget service in order to call an activity when the user taps the widget? Thanks.