1. M

    Android Question Start activity in service when screen locked android10+

    Hi everyone I am trying to make an app that will start activity even if the screen is locked with password when a specific text message is received. I'm using service intent filter for sms receiveing and it work fine when phone is on Tank's for any help
  2. M

    Android Question Transparent StatusBar and NavigationBar Using B4XPages

    Hi everyone, i wish to achive this type of result where the content of my app can be displayed on all the screen (so statusbar and navigation bar are transparent). I already took a look at this post but trying it on my phone i noticed that the offset sizing is not dynamic, but is fixed on...
  3. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question How to wake up a smartphone?

    I'm trying to make an application that monitors the environment, listens for noise. At the service level, I process data from the microphone, but when the smartphone falls asleep, microphone control stops. I tried to deal with the blocking of the microphone, but I did not succeed. It may be...
  4. L

    Android Question Attempt to read from field ... on a null object reference

    Hello, A user reported to me this error that I can't replicate. This error occours only to this customer, nobody else has this problem: (NullPointerException) java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to read from field 'com.brand.appname.main com.brand.appname.rooms._main' on a null object...
  5. P

    Spanish Como reiniciar un Activity desde el mismo Activity

    Hola Foro, y según sea Buen Día, Buena tarde o buena noche.... He aquí mi primer post y mi primera duda.... Hay forma de Reiniciar un Activity Main desde el mismo Activity main, y dejarlo como nuevo? Estoy practicando con una calculadora básica, sin utilizar los edittext clásicos de todos los...
  6. A

    Android Question How to embed a browser in an application?

    Hello. Tell me, is it possible to organize the opening of the site inside the application in a separate window? For example, in a running application, create a window (panel) in an Activity (as in Windows on the desktop), in which to display the contents of the site. That is, how to embed a...
  7. M

    Android Question [B4X_Pages] Runtime Permission inside Classes (Wait For)

    Hi everyone, I'm moving part of my code done in a B4XPage into a Standard Class. In this code i've a Runtime Permission CheckAndRequest that requires the "Wait For" block Private Sub BeginBLEscan rp_ble.CheckAndRequest(rp_ble.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) Wait For...
  8. greenpepper7

    Java Question Classes and the ba object

    I've been playing around with classes and looking at the java underneath that's actually running it all. I have a simple project with the Main activity, and one standard b4x class (cls1) that contains the following code: Sub Class_Globals Private view1 As View End Sub Public Sub Initialize...
  9. C

    Android Question Resume app

    I try to explain the problem as clearly as possible. I have an app with many activities, I would like to make sure that once the app is started and the various activities are open, when the app is closed and then reopened, it resumes the last activity left. I'll explain better. My app is made...
  10. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question Download the activity and start it

    I want to upload an activity on the server and download it from the server in the main activity and then start it. How do I do that?
  11. Mikhail ivan

    Spanish Problema con el diseñador de IDE B4A /// Problem with the IDE designer B4A

    Buenas tardes mi nombres el Mikhail y tengo el sigiente problema desde un par de dias: mi problema surge al momento de diseñar la pantalla en el activity con botones, label etc. mil B4A lo instale desde la pagina oficial y segui todos los pasos correctamente. Pero desde ayer, es la primera vez...
  12. M

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] Transiciones entre activity

    Saludos, La pregunta es sencilla: La pantalla (o layout) que se ve entre el cambio de un activity a otro se puede manipular o editar? En algunos casos ni se nota pero en otros puede durar 1 o 2 segundos ahí, en blanco... Esa pantalla muestra el nombre que se puso en el #ApplicationLabel del...
  13. W

    Italian Passare dati dalla main activity a nuova activity

    Buongiorno a tutti, premetto che sono nuovo del forum ma soprattutto nuovo di B4A. Ho bisogno di iniziare dalle basi e quindi volevo chiedervi come si facesse a passare dei dati dalla activity principale (main) ad un nuovo modulo activity (per esempio: "activity1"). Per dati intendo per esempio...
  14. W

    Android Question Pass data from the main activity to the new activity

    Hello everyone, I state that I am new to the forum but above all new to B4A. I need to start with the basics and so I wanted to ask you how to pass data from the main activity (main) to a new activity module (for example: "activity1"). For data I mean for example a string "Hello", and that in...
  15. sadeq.hitex

    B4A Library Hitex TransformationLayout

    🌠 Transform into a different view or activity using morphing animations. Using Transformation motions of new material version. Github : (Kotlin) Just for B4A min sdk : 21...
  16. M

    iOS Question B4XLoadingIndicator

    How can I use the B4XloadingIndicator feature in B4I? in b4a there is the activity.GetAllViewsRecursive resource but in B4I there is no option for activitys For Each v As View In Activity.GetAllViewsRecursive If v.Tag Is B4XLoadingIndicator And v.Visible = True Then Dim...
  17. K

    Android Question Service Contenxt Error at CreateFileProviderUri

    This Code run perfectly when call from activity. Sub CreateFileProviderUri (Dir As String, FileName As String) As Object Log(Dir & " : " & FileName) Dim FileProvider As JavaObject Dim context As JavaObject context.InitializeContext...
  18. G

    Android Question Blank space in bottom of the activity

    Hi everyone, I'm here for an other newbie question, I made a layout in the designer and I have a blank space when I try it on my phone, even though I set the views in the script so that they fit to the the entire screen. I need a menu to have a vertical scrolling so I loaded the layout with...
  19. M

    Android Question Annoying Acitivity Title 😭

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an android app. I noticed that when the app launches (in debug and also in release) there is a moment where is possibile to see the default page with the ugly android titlebar with the app name (#ApplicationLabel: <name>) and blank activity, BEFORE the app actually...
  20. M

    Android Question Blank/activity not starting

    Hi, I'm testing my app with B4A-Bridge but when it compiles it stays still and doesn't show views like buttons, labels, etc. Please look at my screenshot and help me. P.s I have loaded my activity.