1. M

    iOS Question B4XLoadingIndicator

    How can I use the B4XloadingIndicator feature in B4I? in b4a there is the activity.GetAllViewsRecursive resource but in B4I there is no option for activitys For Each v As View In Activity.GetAllViewsRecursive If v.Tag Is B4XLoadingIndicator And v.Visible = True Then Dim...
  2. K

    Android Question Service Contenxt Error at CreateFileProviderUri

    This Code run perfectly when call from activity. Sub CreateFileProviderUri (Dir As String, FileName As String) As Object Log(Dir & " : " & FileName) Dim FileProvider As JavaObject Dim context As JavaObject context.InitializeContext...
  3. G

    Android Question Blank space in bottom of the activity

    Hi everyone, I'm here for an other newbie question, I made a layout in the designer and I have a blank space when I try it on my phone, even though I set the views in the script so that they fit to the the entire screen. I need a menu to have a vertical scrolling so I loaded the layout with...
  4. M

    Android Question Annoying Acitivity Title 😭

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an android app. I noticed that when the app launches (in debug and also in release) there is a moment where is possibile to see the default page with the ugly android titlebar with the app name (#ApplicationLabel: <name>) and blank activity, BEFORE the app actually...
  5. M

    Android Question Blank/activity not starting

    Hi, I'm testing my app with B4A-Bridge but when it compiles it stays still and doesn't show views like buttons, labels, etc. Please look at my screenshot and help me. P.s I have loaded my activity.
  6. M

    Android Question App in pause, when resumed go to MAIN activity instead of the current activity

    Hi everyone, i've an app with the Main activity used as Login form. When i user log in i wrote: StartActivity("Home") But if the user put the app in background and then opens it up from the homescreen (not from the recent apps) starts the Main activity instead of the Home activity (that is the...
  7. joaquinortiz

    Android Question Call more than one Activity.

    Is there a way to call more Activities? For example. I want to develop the following: I have the Main Activity, and I want to call to a new one called "Login" Activity, then this activity, will do the login validation and if it is correct, then, called a Menu Activity that has several options...
  8. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Don't re-create activity when change the orientation

    Hello, i think i did this sometime ago, but i don't remenber. So, there is a code that don't recreate the activity when the orientation is changed? I need to do just one activity, not more than this, the solution of create another activty doesn't work to me. Thanks :D
  9. A

    Android Question Activity recognition stops working when closing the app

    Hi there! I tried to build a sample app that notifies (using nb6) when the current user physical activity changes (using physical-activity-recognition-detection library). It worked, but after closing the app with the user's 'task manager' (where you 'swipe' apps to stop them), I stopped...

    Android Question Different Sub : order inside activity

    Hello, For a newbi, where could i found an explaination of the order of the different events inside an activity ? - order of the different Sub - Events launch by any script that i input inside them for ex: what i put inside Activity_Resume() like a doc, a tuto or a post i dont find it Thanks
  11. MarkusR

    Android Question add CustomView to Activity at runtime?

    hello, how can i add a custom view (it have the name ViewConsumer) to activity at runtime? Activity.AddView(View1 Consumer is a class with data. #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be...
  12. C

    Android Question Invoking multiple activities back-to-back w/o an event

    Newbie question. I modified the Two Activities example to see if I could learn how to call multiple activities without an event. I copied Activity2, modified it slightly and named it Activity3. I was able to call multiple activities by using the click event of multiple buttons. But how do you...
  13. Scotter

    Android Question "ACTIVITY" at top of my Release app on phone

    How do I get rid of the black bar at top with white "ACTIVITY"? See attached image. Thanks!
  14. J

    Android Question Cuál es la diferencia entre un activity y un layout ? B4A

    Que tal amigos soy nuevo y quiero saber cual es la manera de hacer una transición entre una pantalla y otra, lo estoy intentando hacer con layouts pero en algunos casos cuando haga la transición me queda el fondo del anterior layout. Gracias.
  15. Sai Main Seng Kham

    Android Question How many can i add to my app? is that limited?

    Hi Sirs, I have a questions again:):) I have a big project now I have to add (227) activity page on my app But it is not offline app i create online app, one activity will read .txt file on my server. So , can i add 227 activity page on my application? Thanks You.:) Sorry for my bad English :(
  16. R

    Android Question Share Controls between Activities

    Regards. I am a newbie in B4A and I have a question in which, I hope, you can help me. In the Main Activity I have a sub (MySQL_Query) that connects to MySQL and obviously this is also the JobDone sub. In the JobDone sub, fill a ListView (ListViewProfile). It's okay. In another activity I...
  17. R

    Spanish Cuándo se ejecuta el JobDone? Se pueden llamar controles desde otros Activities?

    Cordial saludo. Soy novato en B4A y tengo unas inquietudes en las que, espero, me puedan ayudar. En el Activity Main tengo una sub (ConsultaMySQL) que hace la conexión a MySQL y ahí mismo está la sub JobDone. Aquí surge mi primera inquietud: Cuándo se ejecuta JobDone? Ejemplo: Sub mensaje...
  18. FierceBlaze

    Android Question Please Clarify This? A Background Activity with a MediaPlayer Stream!

    I just returned to B4A to recreate an app that I was only able to build in B4A before. But this Background/Foreground Activity vs Android 8+ issue has me nuts on this forum... I can't seem to get a straight answer. Can someone please lay this to rest for me? I just need to play a mediaplayer or...
  19. Multiverse app

    Wish Android Studio like Activity Chooser

    Suggestion to add some default templates like Android Studio, in which developers can choose the desired Activities. Users can customize the designs from there on from the manifest. After choosing a template, appropriate libraries will automatically be added and an entry in the Manifest will...
  20. K

    Android Question Grdient to All Activity

    I want to set all activity same gradient. Is it possible?How?