aes encryption


    Android Question aes encryption with key and iv => decryption server side

    Hello, After looking for some days the right way to decrypt and check via my API (in ASP vbscript) from a remote server, a string sent by poststring from my APP and encrypted with AES 128bits with key and iv specific , I can share my result with you : App Side Sub : Sub...
  2. KMatle

    Android Tutorial [B4x] AES Encryption (lessons learned & best practice)

    Last weekend I migrated my XAMPP test environment (Apache/PHP/MySql). It came with PHP 7.x. Yesterday I wanted to test one of my Apps using AES and Mcrypt for it in PHP but it didn't work no more. I noticed that MCrypt was deprecated anyway and even was removed due to security and other issues...
  3. N

    iOS Question Error decoding data as string AES Decryption

    Please am getting this error when decrypting an encrypted string using IV and . "Error decoding data as string." When I Use Dim result As String= BytesToString(data,0,data.Length,"UTF-8") <B4IExceptionWrapper: Error Domain=caught_exception Code=0 " Error decoding data as string."...