1. lazreg

    Android Question WobbleMenu with AHViewPager and AHPageContainer.

    i can't recreate and display the 3 layouts (contains clv) when i click wobblemenu tabs using AHViewPager and AHPageContainer. i reviewed all the posts about ViewPager and PageContainer. who can help me and save my time with an B4XPages example.
  2. A

    Android Question How To Fix DSTablayout And Ahviewpager RTL Problem

    Hi every body Here is my project: Gofile (this is a link) as you can see im trying to make whole project rtl and give it nice type face and i did it. but there is two little problems here 1. as you see tab indicator is not showing 2. this is a little bigger problem: im loading panels in page...
  3. L

    Android Question CLVSwipe + Horizontal ListView Problem

    Hi, I have a problem with the CLVSwipe library. I decided to use it for the pull to refresh feature, but as long as i initialize it I can't swipe with a horizontal custom listview that is put inside the custom listview where CLVSwipe has been initialized. Is possible to disable the horizontal...
  4. AscySoft

    Android Question AH View Pager layout throwing errors on com.android.support.design 28.0.0

    EDIT: Jump to the conclusion and partial fix here I open this thread to ask if someone else has encountered this issue. Setup everything as in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/designsupport-additional-material-design-components.58893/#content Try download FixedTabsExample2_00.zip...