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  1. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question Convert Android app to website

    Is it possible for me to convert my application to a web version? I mean, my application can also be accessed and displayed through a browser by entering a domain. I downloaded a program a few days ago and later found out that it also has a website. When I went to his website, I came across...
  2. P

    Android Question Looking for new feature

    I have created whatsapp sticker app for android users. Download is about more then 20k but its session time is very low. How or which feature i can add in my app to increase its session time?
  3. Aziz Doğan

    Android Question A simple android mobile application

    I have made an application that can be used to Tasbih God. I hope I can practice more. ( 2.98 MB zip. ) I couldn't upload the file here. I'm getting the "The file size is too large" warning. Sorry. I was going to upload another mobile application on another page. I could not install this...