1. José J. Aguilar

    Other Wokwi: An Arduino, ESP32 y STM32 web simulator via Microsiervos (Spanish)
  2. E

    B4R Question How to Receive audiostreamer from example walkie talkie b4a on ESP8266

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know how you could put an ESP8266 to receive audiostreamer over wifi from the example of the walkie talkie b4a, that is, put it only as a receiver. LINK My need...
  3. moty22

    Share My Creation Android Bluetooth Arduino

    B4A app to control inputs and outputs of Arduino connected to Bluetooth module HC-05. Arduino sends 9 bytes, first byte=129 to mark the start and then 8 bytes 7 bits each of data. B4A sends 2 bytes. Update is every second. HC-05 is set to 9600 Baud rate.
  4. Humberto01

    Spanish Diferencias acerca de listview y CustomListview

    Hola y M. Buenos días para todos. Me llamo Humberto soy de Argentina, Entre Ríos, Gualeguaychú. Quería aprovechar esta consulta para presentarme y aprender a usar este sitio (además del Foro de consulta). Vengo de usar Android Studio y por accidente me topé con B4a el que comencé a mirar al...
  5. bahram1992

    Android Question Problem in Recieve Data from Bluetooth ESP32 in B4A

    Hi, im using a ESP32 Bluetooth to send a number. i use bluetooth serial in esp32 arduino to send number. I can received this number in serial bluetooth terminal app in my phone. I need just receive and show this number in android phone. Time between send number is minimum 2 seconds but its...
  6. Guardian17

    Android Question Android App Receiving Data from Arduino

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  7. Mark Read

    B4J Question [Solved] Error on connecting to COM Port

    I am having trouble connecting to a COM Port with the code below. The point is to read data coming from an Arduino. The code works fine on my friends computer but not on mine. Can someone give me a hint where I can look? PC is running Windows 10, 64 Bit. The Arduino IDE is open but the Serial...
  8. P

    Android Question LED switch on / off

    I'm from Germany and there are electricity meters there where you can query the consumption figures. To do this, you have to light up a diode and thereby enter the code so that you can access the device. I wanted to trigger this "blinking" via APP. So I press a button and the LED (of the...
  9. moty22

    Share My Creation OLED Animation

    I've been banging my head all day to get it to work. The animation is from 3 bitmaps switched periodically. The code uses wire lib. Screen is 128x64, i2c, 1306 driver. The code is for Arduino Uno or Nano. To convert image to code: On a PC (MS Paint) save image as monochrom bmp. Download LCD...
  10. moty22

    Share My Creation TFT Text from PC

    Display text on TFT screen sent from PC. Arduino is Nano or Uno. TFT screen is 1.8" driver ST7735. Connected to PC via USB. Color and size are selectable. ' TFT module with ST7735 driver ' 1 LED 3.3 V or 5V via 47 ohm ' 2 SCK 13 ' 3 SDA 11 ' 4 A0 Or DC 9 ' 5 RESET 8 ' 6...
  11. R

    B4R Question Arduino Mega 2560 with Ethernet Shield: boot sketch from SD-Card

    Hi there, I spent a while searching the forum but didn't find hints targeting my question: I want the Mega to boot from a hex-file from the SD card. While it is obviously possible to transfer a compiled sketch to the Arduino Mega via an Ethernet connection, what is necessary to reset the board...
  12. D

    B4R Question Seed Wio Terminal - is possible to program them with B4R ?

    Seed - Wio Terminal I think these small devices are very interesting that allow you to have an integrated cpu with a display and an I / O connector Has anyone tried programming them using B4X environments?
  13. Pablo Torres

    Android Question Plot points and slide them to the left

    Hi, I have a Tablet connected to an arduino that is sending to the tablet data (one value) 50 times per second. I have to show that data in the tablet, and it has to look like the red part in the image below. Now, the question is, how can I “add” new point to the left, erase first point of the...
  14. Tronak

    B4R Question Arduino MKR WiFi 1010... Hating it. Help please.

    Hi. I was excited when I found an Arduino board featuring WiFi without external shells. I used the ESP8266 before, and worked, but I (erroneously) supposed that this one would be easier. I have included the libraries needed for using the WiFi (SPI.h and WiFiNINA.h), but the B4R says that cannot...
  15. Sgdva

    Android Question ESP32 Wifi Communication

    Greetings! Summary I would like to have an android interface to send commands to the ESP32 wifi module. For this purpose, I would need to make the board be connected to the Wifi desired by the user, secondly retrieve the IP assigned in the network and finally send commands by the Android...
  16. A

    Android Question USB serial and multiple devices [almost solved]

    Hi there, Im using UsbSerial lib 2.3 to connect to an arduino, it works perfect BUT only if the arduino is the ONLY device connected to the USB to my Android TV BOX If I have an USB mouse connected, the program doesn't find the arduino. I can connect the arduino, run the soft, connect, and...
  17. R

    Android Question Issue with reading data from arduino via Bluetooth

    Hi I’m trying to send data from the Arduino to mobile app and I’m getting a wired result and I’m unsure why I will try and send HelloWord from the Arduino and it comes out on the B4A Log as the following >H >elloWorld I have added the code I’m using below I got the code from the demo...
  18. santook

    B4R Library Watch Dog Timer For ESP8266

    For the ESP8266 watchdog, can be very simple to use. #Region Project Attributes #AutoFlushLogs: True #CheckArrayBounds: True #StackBufferSize: 300 #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be declared once when the application starts. 'Public variables can...
  19. rtek1000

    B4R Question No Designer, how are TFT screens made? (Do you know GUIslice?)

    Hello, I installed the B4R and noticed that there is no Designer, how are TFT screens made? I have found a project that is starting, and it promises to be very useful, maybe you can talk and join forces to make both projects better. [A lightweight GUI framework for embedded displays]...