1. jroriz

    Android Question ASTabmenu for multiple pages

    Suppose I have 4 pages in my project. What's the best way to put the tabmenu on all of them? Will I have to repeat the code on every page?
  2. cjpryor

    iOS Question SOLVED - iOS ASTabMenu question: TabClick event not firing

    So, I am looking for advice as to what I might need to do to make my B4X design work in iOS. I used B4XPages (and XUI) to develop a desktop application in B4J that uses the ASTabMenu control for navigation. It works fine in Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, when run as an iOS application the...
  3. DroidLyon

    Android Question ASTABMENU animation on click optional ?

    This refers to @AlexanderStoltes impressive ASTabmenu I have now managed to successfully apply ASTabStrip & ASTabMenu to the b4xDrawer example of B4xPages :). (I've attached zip) Unfortunately despite looking I can't find a way to turn off the animation when you click on the tab ("it's like...
  4. DroidLyon

    Android Question [Solved] ASTabStrip example - ASTabMenu 'overlayed' by ASViewPager

    This question relates to @AlexanderStoltes excellent AsTabStrip/Astabmenu/AsViewpager suite Apologies in advance if it's my bad, and I'm obviously thinking that I may have an environmental issues, but using the ASTabStrip example given in post above I see screen below ? Instead of the working...
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] [XUI] ASTabMenu with xCustomListView Example

    Hello Forum, in this Example i want to show you, how to use the ASTabMenu togehther with the xCustomListView, to handle a lot of Tabs without getting into layout problems. Attached is a B4A Example. Result: How to use? it is easy. Add a xCustomListView to the form Add a new Form with only the...