1. V

    Android Question AutoBackup freezes b4a every 1 minute: Can timing be changed or disabled

    Every 1 minute b4a autobackup creates a new folder in the AutoBackups folder and then after a few seconds the folder disappears again. Very irritating since it for a few seconds pauses me editing the program while this goes on. b4a basically freezes while it is doing the autobackup evey 1...
  2. LucaMs

    Wish Auto backup setting

    When you create a new project, "Auto Backup" is automatically activated, while it would be better to keep the setting chosen by the developer.
  3. H

    Wish Suggestion for a better AutoBackup

    Today, I had been faced by a Auto-Restart due to windows-updates as i had been a few minutes not in front of the screens... I thought 'great' - there is a new Feature called 'Autobackup' which may bring me back unsaved Code-changes... Sadly i had to recognize that AutoBackup did not helped...