b4i bridge

  1. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question [Solved] Cannot update B4i-bridge

    I haven't updated my app for a long time, partly because it didn't need updating, and partly because B4x no longer runs on 32 bit hardware. However, I have recently got a new PC and installed everything. Also, I have renewed the certificate and provisioning profile, and after a bit of updating...
  2. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question Install Debug App in IOS 9 (too old?)

    Hello all, I have an old IPAD 2 and decided to use it only to test Apps flow and screens. The IOS version of this equipment is 9.3.5. I successfully installed B4i bridge and connected with B4i framework but when I'm having some problems: - When stating in debug mode, the App download starts...
  3. G

    iOS Question B4i-Bridge App doesn't install

    Hello everyone! I use B4I on my mac (Parallels-Windows 10, Compile: Simulator XCode). I want to use the iBle Library, so I must compile my app on my iphone. I have a problem, when I click the button "Install App". Nothing happens. 1. Make sure that B4I certificate is installed and trusted...
  4. M

    iOS Question iPhone does not ask to install when i compile in Release

    hi everyone, i just bought the new license for the hosted-builder, i update the user-id, it compiles. The problem is that, when i compile in debug, everything is fine. When i compile in release mode, it just says "you can now download the .ipa etc..." but on the phone no msgbox asking for...
  5. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - After compiling successfull nothing happen on B4i-Bridge

    Hi, i'm manged finally to compile on a local mac, but when the compiling finish nothing happends, it's normal? Or i've to do something? In these days, i tried to restart several times, and NOW after i published this post (karma was waiting for this), it worked for the first time. It seems to be...
  6. nwhitfield

    Bug? Bridge 2.54 on Android 5.1 (Intel)

    I appreciate this is likely to be a minority problem... I have a Dell Venue 8 7840 tablet, which has an Intel processor, rather than ARM, and was orphaned by Dell pretty much as soon as they'd shipped the review units to journos like me. Consequently, it still languishes on Android 5.1, which...