Bug? Bridge 2.54 on Android 5.1 (Intel)


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I appreciate this is likely to be a minority problem...

I have a Dell Venue 8 7840 tablet, which has an Intel processor, rather than ARM, and was orphaned by Dell pretty much as soon as they'd shipped the review units to journos like me.

Consequently, it still languishes on Android 5.1, which is pretty old.

I seldom use it, but wanted to test an app design on a tablet size screen. However, I now find that merely launching Bridge 2.54 is enough to cause a crash. The main screen appears, with version, IP address, etc, and then a msgbox pops up

"Unfortunately, System UI has stopped"

Tapping ok on this merely take you through a constant look of the same thing; the only option is to restart.

Whether it's an issue with the Android version, or the Intel processor, or something else Dell-specific, I couldn't say. But I though it worth reporting, even if just as a cautionary note to others.