1. Y

    Wish B4JPackager11: The following error occurred when packing

    The following error occurred when packing,Please help me to find out the solution B4J version: 10.00 Parsing code.(0.06s) Java version: 14 Building folders structure. (0.02s) Run custom actions.(0.07s) Compiling code.(0.07s) Compiling layout code.(0.00s) Manage class library files.(0.00s)...
  2. J

    B4J Question Error making executable updating jGoogleMaps

    Hi guys, I realized a few days ago that an old project where the jGoogleMaps library participates was not working properly for me (it did not load the map). Adapt the code according to: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jgooglemaps-library.56744/ And the curious thing is that in...
  3. B

    Bug? B4J Graphical User Interface error with Linux Wayland

    Hi, I'm using B4JPackager11 to export packages (GUI) in Linux desktop. My export works very well in Archlinux Xfce/X11 but fails with Ubuntu 21.10 Wayland based. Wayland is the future in Linux desktop so I think it's useful to find a workaround... At the moment there are hints that I can try...
  4. DarkoT

    B4J Question B4J Packager11 and Raspberry Pi - problem with Release

    Hi guys... Need little help... I need to install GUI app on Raspberry Pi ver 4. I installed Bellsoft java 11 (which include javaFx modules). I want to use B4J packager11 for creating release app... Bridge working perfect, I can connect to raspberry - picture below: But - when i run B4J (with...
  5. red30

    B4J Question B4JPackager11 build app for x86 architecture

    Is it possible using B4JPackager11 or Integrated B4JPackager11 to create an application that will run on a 32-bit version of Windows?
  6. red30

    B4J Question Integrated B4JPackager11 builds the project, but the resulting exe does not start [SOLVED]

    I did everything according to the instructions: I downloaded OpenJDK 11 and indicated the path to the javac.exe file for the program The program works in both release and debug fashion I press build "standalone package" everything goes without errors. As a result, I try to run the exe file and...
  7. yo3ggx

    B4J Question B4J Packaged apps (Windows 10) contain Malware?

    Hello, I've developed a B4J application that is distributed as both JAR file and a Windows Packaged (portable) application. After some user reports, I've tested the executable at https://www.virustotal.com/ This is the result. Is this something to be expected? How can I prevent this?
  8. W

    B4J Tutorial [Tool] Integrated B4JPackager11 helper: PrepInstallerScript (with source code)

    I was making the switch from Java 8 to Java 11 and wanted to use the 'Integrated B4JPackager11' as explained by @Erel in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/integrated-b4jpackager11-the-simple-way-to-distribute-standalone-ui-apps.117880/. Nice, but too much work for a lazy guy like me as...
  9. M

    B4J Question error CS0016: Could not write to output file Access is denied

    Hi everyone, When I go to Project/build standalone package I see error CS0016 on the logs and I also see that the company's antivirus software is treating this as Malware. B4JPackager11 Version 1.21 error CS0016: Could not write to output file 'c:\Users\mainuser\MY PRODUCT FILTER.exe' --...
  10. red30

    B4J Question B4JPackager and 32 bit windows.

    I need to make an exe file for windows. If you do this using B4JPackager, the program works fine on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system. If I make an exe file using B4JPackager11, then the program does not work on a 32-bit version of windows. Is it possible to make an exe...
  11. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [Solved] B4JPackager11 / websocket project problem

    As recommended by @Erel in this thread, I have commenced migrating the communications in my project from http to websocket, however it's not been as simple as I thought it would be. In replacing the http based comms part of my project I hit some "roadblocks". So created a simple project to...
  12. yo3ggx

    B4J Question B4JPackager11 created exe cannot be run

    Hi, I've tried to package my app using B4JPackager11. This is the log from B4JPackager11. Waiting for debugger to connect... Program started. B4JPackager11 Version 1.15 Exe name: jAReC.exe InputJar: P:\HAM\jAReC\Objects\jAReC.jar Running...
  13. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [Solved] jssc error with B4JPackager11

    I have an application utilising jSerial which I've developed over time, but I have encountered an error seemingly related to jssc on transitioning it from Java 8 or OpenJDK 11 . When run from the IDE, the application runs as expected and the serial port can be selected/opened and data received...
  14. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [Solved] WebView error with B4JPackager11

    I'm trying to make the leap from Java 8 or OpenJDK 11, but I am experiencing an error which I've been unable overcome. I use the KeyListener from the jGameViewHelper library to launch a ModalForm to display the application's help in a WebView. After packaging it using B4JPackager11 and...
  15. G

    B4J Question B4JPackager11 error

    Hello everybody for the first time I have used the program B4JPackager11, but on line 144 (I attach the file MANIFEST.MF renamed to .txt) Sub FindPackageName As ResumableSub Wait For (RunShell(False, "jar", Array("xf", "jar.jar", "META-INF"))) Complete (StdOut As String) Dim s As...
  16. KMatle

    B4J Question B4JPackager: "Server" and "security" folder

    As I've understood the packager creates a build folder with all needed components to run the B4J-App " standalone" like libs, etc. I've seen some server and security folders. What does these contain? PS: I use encryption (RSA and AES). Does the "security" folder come from these components? And...
  17. Mark Read

    B4J Question [Solved] B4JPackager11 creates a 36KB run.exe file which doesn't run?

    I have written a small UI-App to decode ICG files and need to distribute the .exe file. I am using: Win 10 64 bit B4J 7.31 Java jdk 11.0.1 I have added the paths as required: 'Non-UI application (console / server application) #Region Project Attributes #CommandLineArgs...
  18. AKJammer

    B4J Question Java Error when exporting to Excel

    Could someone decipher this java log? My project works fine in debug mode, but when I put into release mode and package it up as an exe file with B4JPackager11 and click my 'Export data to Excel' button, it blows up. If this log isn't definitive enough, I'll build a simple project that...
  19. T

    B4J Question B4JPackager11 & com.sun.glass.ui.Application

    Hi! I followed the information in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/resolved-illegalaccessexception.105285/#post-659517, my program works in the IDE in release mode, but no when runs after i use b4jpackager11, the app. I got the same error in the instruction: Sub initRobot...
  20. C

    B4J Question B4JPackager11 and jWebSocketClient

    Hi! I have the same problem that in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4jpackager11-error.104343/#post-676009 I am not using jServer but jWebSocketClient. I commented lines 198 to 202 and i gott the ".exe", but when my program intent the connection with the websocket i got the errors...