1. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question Draw squares with a rounded corner b4xcanvas

    What is the simplest way using b4xcanvas to draw each of these squares? I wish it was b4x (b4a+b4j+b4i)
  2. AmirMK82

    Android Question Make sun graph view :/

    Hello, I don't know what is this view's name? :/ excuse me! But I want to know if we can make it with B4Xcanvas & how to make it Excuse me for my bad English :) Thanks
  3. MitchBu

    iOS Question B4XCanvas.DrawPathRotated ?

    I am trying to wrap my head around Drawpath, but nothing draws apart from "Testing". Here is what I have so far: Log("-- Begin program") Canvas1.Initialize(Panel1) Dim left As Float = 200 Dim top As Float = 200 Dim myPath As B4XPath myPath.Initialize(left, top)...
  4. P

    Share My Creation Mark and Count items on an image

    I wanted to be able to count items in an image (birds in a flock). The simple logic said load an image, and then use the left mouse click to mark each item with a coloured blob. I then made it remove the last blob with a right mouse click. This simple program was a serious learning curve for...
  5. ivan.tellez

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] [XUI] Canvas Draw Round Rect, Arcs, Ovals

    XUI v1.60 introduces a new method: DrawPath With this, now we have more options to draw: Arc Oval RoundRect LineTo Just consult the documentation of each method of the B4XPath object, Asuming an initialized B4XCanvas (tCanvas) the relevant code is: Dim tRect As B4XRect...
  6. LucaMs

    Android Question XUI - B4XCanvas

    How to set anti aliasing for B4XCanvas? I tried this example: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-create-a-round-image.85102/ and the result is bad - both circle and image.
  7. yiankos1

    Android Question B4XCanvas "setAntiAlias" method

    Hello my friend, How can i set antialias at b4x canvas? Dim Obj1 As Reflector Dim Canv As Canvas Canv.Initialize(Btn1) ' initialize on what you want Obj1.Target = Canv Obj1.Target = Obj1.GetField("paint") Obj1.RunMethod2("setAntiAlias", True, "java.lang.boolean") This...