Share My Creation Mark and Count items on an image

I wanted to be able to count items in an image (birds in a flock). The simple logic said load an image, and then use the left mouse click to mark each item with a coloured blob. I then made it remove the last blob with a right mouse click.
This simple program was a serious learning curve for B4XCanvas, B4XViews, B4XRect components.
Basically there is a Canvas for the image, and a transparent canvas for the blobs, so one can easily rub out the blob.

I have no idea if there is too much code, and I don't fully understand why one needs Canvas's, Rectangles, Views, etc. But it works as I wanted.
I am playing with drag and drop for a new image on to the screen. I might get this posted in the future.

As this is my first posted creation, I apologize now for any "mistakes".
Thanks to all the bits of code I have lifted from the excellent forum.


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