1. LucaMs

    B4i Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    Version: 1.04 02/03/2021 https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-lmb4xcombobox.116767/post-729765
  2. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    Version: 1.04 02/03/2021 https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-lmb4xcombobox.116767/post-729765
  3. red30

    Android Question B4XComboBox Center align

    There is center alignment in the designer in properties of B4XComboBox, but it doesn't work. How can I make the B4XComboBox text center aligned?
  4. C

    Android Question B4XComboBox events

    How can I capture these B4XComboBox events?: -query open state without affecting its state -when open, scroll to top of list without changing selected index Also, is there a link for a full list of events that can be captured? Any help greatly appreciated!
  5. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    lmB4XComboBox is a b4x library (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/100383/#content). It works with B4A, B4J and B4i. It is a modified version of the Erel's original B4XComboBox and allows you to store in it a value for each text item. Not rarely (mainly handling DB data) you need a...
  6. F

    Android Question B4XComboBox with underline

    I am using B4xFloatTextField and try to have the same look with B4XCombobox when the field is filled with a value. And the question is: is it possible to have an underline in B4XComboBox-Field, when the Item is selected? Any suggestions?
  7. kokoroayo

    Android Question B4X ComboBox Issue - Item ID

    Hi all, I have an issue using the combo box. After going through the various tutorials, I successfully implemented the combobox. However, I could not achieve what I needed. I load data from my database into the combobox successfully but I could not get the right data for use. My table contains...
  8. W

    Android Question B4XComboBox.SelectedIndex always return is 0

    Hello I'm using B4XComboBox Sub myComboBox_SelectedIndexChanged (Index As Int) working fine but myComboBox.SelectedIndex methods in others Subs return always "0". How can I check what the user chose?
  9. J

    Android Question [Solved] Missing ItemClick event in B4XComboBox

    Hi, With B4XComboBox, Does ItemClick event exist? and how about loading value and name for getting SelectedId Regards JRuiz
  10. M

    Android Question b4xcombobox to native view

    in b4a using xui b4xcombobox created in designer......... ? - how do you assign it to a native view to change properties such as top, left, etc? i tried assigning it to a spinner but it fails.
  11. peacemaker

    Android Question B4XComboBox in StateManager class

    Hi, All Sub innerSaveState(v As View, list1 As List) Dim data() As Object If v Is EditText Then Dim edit As EditText edit = v data = Array As Object(edit.Text, edit.SelectionStart) Else If v Is Spinner Then Dim spinner1 As Spinner spinner1 = v...
  12. Andrew J. Brehm

    Android Question B4XComboBox appears white and does not display anything

    I am trying to use the B4XComboBox control but when I run my test program on my phone (via the bridge) the location of the B4XComboBox controls just appears white and the text does not appear. When I touch the control, it does show the list of items I added to it. And it does work. (The test...