1. james_sgp

    Android Question B4XPreferencesDialog, how to select Options item

    Hi, How can I select an item in the 'shortoptions' list from code, in a B4xPreferencesDialog. Setting other items is simple; but can`t figure how to do this? Thanks, James
  2. aeric

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Refresh B4XPreferenceDialog Options from Updated List

    The options work very well in project without database. When I wanted to refresh the options from updated database, the option is not updated. In attached project, go to "Page 3" from MainPage and click on button "Show Options", the options show 3 items. Click on button "Add Option" then click...
  3. V

    Android Question [B4XPreferencesDialog] App crash when editing date in a DateItem, unparsable date format

    Hi, I was looking for a nice dialog to use for a form asking the user to input both the date and the time of its order, and I step upon the library in the title. Sadly I never managed to get the date field to work. The App crash, and looking at the logs this is what I get: I supposed the...
  4. josejad

    Android Example [B4XPages] jRDC2 + MySql CRUD + Login

    Hi all: I'm starting (at last) to work with B4XPages, so I've started to adapt the B4XPages + B4XDrawer example. I think I’ve seen more examples with php + mysql, but no projects with Jrdc2. Maybe the dummy data and the UI are too basic, but you can get some ideas. What do we need? - A...
  5. H

    Android Question b4xprefdialog methods extra parameter

    Hi @Erel Can you add "mandatory item: yes/no" extra parameter in methods of b4xprefdialog (AddDecimalNumberItem, AddDateItem, AddMultilineTextItem, AddNumberItem, AddNumericRangeItem, AddOptionsItem, AddPasswordItem, AddShortOptionsItem, AddTextItem, AddTimeItem). In form builder this parameter...
  6. DroidLyon

    Wish Forms builder in IDE

    Hi Is it possible to add Forms builder as a menu item in main IDE and hence have the ability to create the json form directly into the project File folder? (rather than currently externally call Forms builder jar, create or search for form, copy or save it to a project folder and so on .. And...
  7. Azam Memon

    Android Question B4XPreferenceDialog Current Declaration does not match with previous one

    Hi, I am adding B4XPreferenceDialog library to my existing project, I have also added XUI Views, now it is conflicting with my current declaration (See attachment). When I add the same two libraries to a new project, there is no error. I guess the issue is due to an existing activity named...
  8. R

    Android Question I can't find B4XPreferencesDialog

    B4XPreferencesDialog does not appear in my library manager. How can I add it?
  9. LucaMs

    Other [SOLVED] B4XPreferencesDialog - B4J version bug?

    Error occurred on line: 89 java.lang.NullPointerException The line is: sb.Append($"Date and time: $DateTime{DateUtils.AddPeriod(birthday, time)}"$).Append(CRLF) DateUtils is null. I added a reference to jDateUtils 1.05 but the exception is still raised. [I would "like" to ask another...
  10. LucaMs

    Wish B4XPreferencesDialog - ProgressBar for Numeric Range

    I have yet to study this (great) stuff but it seems to me that I cannot use a ProgressBar for numeric range settings.
  11. H

    Android Question B4XPreferencesDialog initial values

    Hello This code I creating item programmatically: prefdialog.AddTextItem("key","title") How to programmatically initialize a default value? How to programmatically set it as mandatory or optional field? Thank you
  12. Rubsanpe

    Android Question [SOLVED] B4XPreferencesDialog with different Android versions

    Hi, I'm trying the example of B4XPreferencesDialog and I've seen that according to the Android version dinde is going to put the title of the dialog or not. From what I've seen, in recent versions of Android with the 7 if it shows the title. I've tested on a device with a 4.4 version and it...