1. Dave O

    Wish library for Android's key/value backup service

    I'd love to see a library for Android's key/value backup service: This service lets any Android app (since Android 2.2) back up their settings data, so that if the app is reinstalled later (on the original device or a new one, like...
  2. KMatle

    B4J Code Snippet Use Google Drive as a backup solution

    This more a suggestion/idea than a real snippet or other code. If you have installed Google Drive on the PC where you are running your B4J-App (I use B4J as a inhouse server solution with SQlite) it has just a simple folder which you can use like we know it. Just copy backup files to this...
  3. soyVB6

    Android Question Google Drive, BacKup

    Hello someone has an example to use google drive and backup copies. Threads that I have visited I do not...
  4. soyVB6

    Spanish Backup Google Drive

    Hola amigos. Ya tengo el ojo cuadrado de leer y buscar una forma de usar google drive para hacer una copia de seguridad de una BD importante de mi app y que lógicamente también pueda restaurarla. alguna noble alma que comparta su experiencia con b4a y google drive ya vi este hilo también he...