B4J Code Snippet Use Google Drive as a backup solution

This more a suggestion/idea than a real snippet or other code.

If you have installed Google Drive on the PC where you are running your B4J-App (I use B4J as a inhouse server solution with SQlite) it has just a simple folder which you can use like we know it. Just copy backup files to this folder and it will be synced via Google Drive. Of course an internet connection is needed. 15 GB are free for every account (create several accounts if needed).

Depending on the needed solution automatically create new folders e.g. for the day of backup or even folders under these to do a backup every hour or so. Delete older backups after x days as your only need the newest y backups.

If you use B4x clients you could backup their data (I don't need thet because any data is stored on the server) you can transmit the data to the server and backup it in e.g. a user folder.