1. LWGShane

    Bug? [Solved - Fixed By Redownloading BANanoServer] BANanoServer Requires MySQL?

    I'm testing out BANanoServer and have run into a problem: The default template (the one from File > New > BANanoServer Websocket Server and Web App) won't run even with all of the MySQL stuff commented out. How do I make BANanoServer run without MySQL? (As my app doesn't need it.) CC: @alwaysbusy
  2. L

    B4J Question [BANanoServer] Exposed Web Socket Messages

    I noted that when I run a BananoServer project (release compile) I can see "Reconnecting web socket" messages in the Verbose part of the client side web browser console. I don't like these messages being exposed. I assume they are not exposed when using HTTPS, but not all use HTTPS when using...
  3. L

    B4J Question [BananoServer] [Banano] Issues in New Version 7.35

    I just updated to the new Banano/BananoServer version 7.35 (thank you Alain Bailleul). I am a BananoServer user and I noted the following in the new version: 1) In the new BananoServer version, I must add the following additional jars to make it work (even if I do not use HikariCP)...
  4. P

    B4J Question [BANano] [BANanoServer] Upload progress etc

    Hi! Just recently discovered the BANano and BANanoServer projects and I'm completely thrilled. I looked around a bit, and couldn't find any examples or hints on how to do the following stuff: Multiple simultaneous uploads (an asynchronous solution that is) that allows me to show the upload...
  5. L

    B4J Question [B4JServer] Could not locate b4xV5.ini … [ERROR]: missing the html files.

    Please note that I am new to B4J. I have made progress but I am stuck in a frustrating place right now. Any help would be much appreciated. Here is the issue: 1. I am working in a Windows 10/VirtualBox (Ubuntu Server) environment. 2. I am compiling my Win 10 B4J BANanoServer WebSocket PWA based...