barcode camera zxing

  1. drgottjr

    Share My Creation Shaky The Barcam

    here's a well-thought-out library for b4j. just google "sarxos", and it will lead you to the project. i put together a barcode reading console app in about 5 minutes with sarxos to run the camera and zxing to handle the barcodes. i don't see why someone who uses b4j regularly would have a...
  2. Micholl

    Android Question Library / solution to mark / read all barcodes in a continuous live camera image?

    Hello, can anyone suggest a solution for B4A to mark and read all barcodes in a current camera image? The task is to scan a pile of packages all with a barcode facing towards one direction at once not one after another. The preview should mark recognised barcodes in the picture and a event...